Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amazing Trip

Date: 4 July-19 July 09
Venue: Hanoi-Viantiane-Luang Prabang-Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Krabi

Just coming back from 2 weeks trip to Hanoi-Viantiane-Luang Prabang-Chiang Mai-Bangkok-Krabi.N the feeling is superb.Plan to do another trip-perhaps one month trip for next year.Maybe alone or two-three friends just like what I recently did for this trip.

Backpacking travelling open my eyes to the outside world. Expect the unexpected when you are on travelling. Laos really relax and warm country, Vietnam the citizen really kind,Bangkok really modern city and Chiang Mai just amazing.

Backpack; it is still kejadian 'paranormal' in Malaysia but for outside,it's norm. We met many interesting peoples;and most of them on trip for 2-3 months. I guess our trip was the shortest one.

I arrived to Malaysia early this morning and took a cab.
Here the conversation us with pakcik teksi.

Mat Salleh datang sini mesti ader misi kan?
Misi aper?Diorang datang for holiday la.
Diorang ader duit tapi tinggal kat hotel murah..mesti ader misi.Nak buat kajian ke.
Pakcik,biasalah backpackers tinggal guesthouse..hotel2 murah.

Adeh..hello pakcik..backpack memangla tinggal guesthouse..hotel murah2..N for backpack tak semestinya kaya baru boleh buat.Fly with the ticket during promo.You can save a lot. Arrange your own budget and's all on your hand whether to make it expensive or inexpensive trip.Tu baru sorang..belum yang lain lagi.

N when they heard that you are travelling alone or just two-three friends,there are two kinds of nodes:

Nada 1: Kesiannya travel tak ramai..tak meriah nyer..pompuan jer sumer...bahaya-bahaya

Nada 2:

Which one is yours?

N from this trip, I knew that Malaysia is not a favourite destination for the tourist. They prefer go to Cambodia-Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Singapore-Bali.And not Malaysia.

Feel like duta kecil lak as we are trying to impress them about Malaysia. But to be truth, our tourism is not offering something strong to attract them coming here.What we have is same like what our neighbour have.We just win in term of multi cultural races but for the content for it-we still behind.

Those who plan to do the backpack but keep worried about the security-disease-food-money..well,keep the worries aside and believe that you can do it. Enjoy the life and excitement of being travellers.The feeling is great.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip 1: A day trip to Hanoi

Date: 4 July 2009
Venue: LCCT
Taxi Cost: RM20
Bus Cost: RM9

Flight at 630 am. Took a cab to KL Sentral at 330am and arrived there at 400am.
Took bus LCCT and straightly went there.Elly already at the airport.We met there and check-in. Time nih kes H1N1 baru nak bermula. Pakai mask yang dibekalkan buk Elly dalam flight.

Venue: Hanoi

A journey began.
From KL, we booked few services from the travel agency. You can contact Hien for more information if you wish to use her services.

One of the services-airport pickup.The cab bring us to our hostel-Youth International Hostel.Our room consist of three beds, have TV,aircond and kettle. The best part-internet services free! Harusla masing-masing use the free services till end of minute there.The hotel also offered few packages which quite cheaper as well.

After having our breakfast, manggi and roti with serunding,we continued our exploration.
With the map, we just walked from one road to another-exploring the town.We met Malaysian people who work in Hanoi in front of Halal food.The word 'halal' is in the map, so it much easier to find the location although you are new there.

Based on our findings,most buildings here got the inspiration from French colonial.The building build closely to each other,tall and thin and have balcony.The road so hectic where u can heard motorcycle hon their bike for the whole day. We also need to extra careful and hold each other hand everythime we want to cross the road. The way they lepak-lepak slightly different with us. With a small chair, they sat in front of the shop and having their meals.The fruit also cheaper and fresh.

A local person really nice person. They seems interested from where we are from (maybe this 3cute charlie angels wears tudung). With the pointing hand towards us, we play try and error guessing from where we are. Ader sekali tuh, teka aku dari India.Huh..I'm not Desh siblings ok..

So here interesting places in Hanoi.

Ngoc SonTemple
Location:Beautiful spot lake at the center of Hanoi.20 minutes walk distance from the hostel.
Cost:3000 dong

The Ngoc Son temple build with the famous red bridge on a small island in the Hoan Kiem lake.It's a special lake as the legend of Hanoi began here.King Ly Thai To return the magic sword to a holy turtle on this lake that brought him victory against the Chinese Ming Dynasty.The lake rename as "Hoan Kiem" (Lake of Returned Sword).
It is a legend with nobody knows it true or not. However, until 1967, the giant turtle had been caught in this lake which remind people with the legend. Unfortunately the specimen died and is now on display at Ngoc Son Temple which is build on this lake.The legend also had been presented at water puppet show.

Water puppet theather
Location:In front of Ngoc Son temple.
Cost:40,000 VND + 60,000 VND
It's raining outside, we were tired and inside a dark theather watched the show.Yes I am sleep for few minutes.The show about 45 minutes and have many scenes which is not related to each other-Hanoi culture-fishing-harvest festival-lion dance-dragon dance-legend of the Restored Sword-etc..The shows speaks kinda like the chinese opera.Gune suara dalam yang nyaring dengan tanda nada yang panjang but of course in Viatnamese languange.To those luv the cultural experience, this is recommend for you.

Tickets are sold in 2 classes-First class VND 60,000 and second class VND 40,000.Pay VND 15000 for camera and VND 60,000 for capturing a video.

We asked the travel services to buy ticket for us.The ticket always sold out and basically people need to book advance to watch the show. But you know what,it actually can buy online;much more cheaper if buy online.

Nisa Restaurant-Halal restaurant

Location: 5 minutes walking from Hanoi Water Puppet theatre.
The only halal restaurant we find here.It's a pleasure when you met Malaysian people.Have a prayer room for you to pray. Not hard to find this restaurant as the word 'halal' is in the map.

Souvenirs shop

There's a lot along the road. Fridge magnet, tshirt,keychain,etc. Please bargain before you agreed with the prices.