Sunday, March 22, 2009

How we progress

Success doesn't travel in straight lines
Mistakes are how we progress

-Andrew Matthews-

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend updates in Mac

Date:28 Feb
Venue: Bdr Seri Begawan

Saturday-not working.The plan is to go to Jerudong and took Shahida's passport.Straight went to Bandar and the mosque near Yayasan. I think this is the only attraction place in here. The view is so nice and we also prayed in the mosque.

Lunch at Restoran Nyonya and I think it provide the most delicious food from all the restaurant that I go in here.N the price considered ok.

We are not so in the mood of jalan-jalan.So decided to go back to Seria.But just not so long then, there was a promo in radio.Jualan murah..hehe. We straight went to Gadong for the mission of kain kurung. Not so sure wether it is cheap or not.But I bought chifon which is 16 BND and get lining free. Bought for my mom and 2 sisters.

Date: 1 Mac

Again,the three of us went to Miri.The mission is to buy ikan masin to bring home next week-my friends,not me.We were spend half day there. There's nothing in Miri unless you want to go for caves trip. But for that trip-later.

Date:7 Mac
Venue: KK

Went to KK alone.2 A's -azhari and aizat send me at Miri airport. Went for a work in the morning and then out at 12pm.My flight at 245 pm and reached at KK at 330pm.Maza want to take me but I insist to take a cab.Met her at Pasar Philippines. I bought ikan masin keropok there for half kilo. Abah like this ikan masin very much.Kain for mom and ikan masin untuk abah...hmmm macam fair enough.heh..

Supposely Rozy was here too.He had the transport so that I can use him to bring me jalan-jalan.The plan-Karambunai.Am I spelled this correctly this time?
But his grand grandfather died last nite and for sure he unable to meet us.

Saturday,I spend the whole day at One Borneo.The largest shopping complex here and I really really luv the shopping complex.It's like Mid Valley but I think I like One Borneo more than Mid Valley.Maybe because Mid valley had too many peeps and it made me headache.But here,it's big..shops not so expensive..had a bowling..karaoke..and GSC. And I'm playing bowling and watched Benjamin Button.

My review for Benjamin Button-it's really a long story. I'm bet if I watch this at CD,for sure I will be sleep. Although long story and have a few chapter that I felt so bored, I also cry towards the ending of the movie.heh..

N then rushing back to Pasar Philippine.I bought rumpai laut and sotong bakar for my dinner. Maza family very surprised looking at me eat that creatures.heh..flora bukan fauna.

Monday-back to Brunei.Maza kazen send me to the airport. N the bonzers took me at the airport and we went to office for work. Sgt penat. N at 6pm, I drove to Bandar to take my housemate.All of them went back to KL and ask for a little help to take them at the airport.