Saturday, February 16, 2008


-16 Feb 08

Sleep at umah Kema today.She went to Bangkok and my bro in law not here.Meaning - to take care of Johan. Spoil my plan for tomorrow; but nevermind; that’s what sisters are for. Send Johan to his class music at 8pm.While waiting for him, I went to salon; cut my hair.Shockly it cost RM25 for simple cut.hampeh tul.

Morning, went to Wisma MBA together with Eli,Ita n Fakri. One note thing that I admit; get from the seminar.Typical Malay-old people seems to think that when old, they really need to rest. Go to mosque, eat roti canai, take their grandchild from school, etc. Live with simple life; while actually it will cost for Alzheimer. As their not fully utilize their brain to think. Hafal Quran, gardening n a little exercise will be good for them.