Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ina..aku tau tagged ni dah lama expired.tapi demi tidak menghampakan ko ..aku jawab gakla..

1. The song you’ve been most singing to yourself recently?
Pagi yg gelap--HUJAN

2. What do you currently want right now?
Completed one health testing
Balik kpg!!

3. What did you do today?

4. What have you been thinking about most today?
Finished my work..balik kpg..

5. Do you ever just sit outside and watch the stars? watching the moon too..

6. What is your current annoyance?
Ganti tayar kete..:(

7. Do you want a new cell phone?
Yup..if free

8. Are you waiting for someone right now?

9. Name two things you’re looking forward for next week?
Tampal wall paper kat bilik
Balik kpg

10. Can you make new friends easily?
Entah..depends to whom also

11. Do you plan out what you wear the day before you wear it?
Depends to location,mood and to whom i'm going out with.
If going to opis, of course la need to plan;for iron reason.
But if just hang out with friends, i can wear seluar buruk plus tshirt plus a pair of gren slipper.No harm!

12. What is life to you?
Just once;let's make it interesting ;)

13. Have you ever fallen for your best friend? friends will always remain be best friends..

14. If you had a chance to save someone significant to you, would you?
Ade ke org jawab nope?

15. How many times do you eat each day?
Breakfast-lunch-dinner= 3 times

16. How do you cheer someone up?
Buat lawak ? Kalo menjadi la..

17. Are you a morning person?
Not really.depends to my mission that day..

18. Is it easier for you to fall asleep or to be woken?
To be woken..

19. Think of one person, stick with it. You don’t have to say their name. Would you pick them up alone 100 plus miles away if it was your birthday?
Gerai mamak depan umah tak leh?

20. Give two reasons why you get distracted in work.

21. Do you think it’s funny when people get hurt?

22. Would you rather go to Tokyo or Paris?
Paris--coz Tokyo too congested.

23. Do you have a guitar in your house?
Bulan depan insyaAllah ader..kareem yer..aci tak nih?

24. Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
Nope..focusing my mind into work...yup,diligence person..hehehhe

25. How often do you get onto friendster?
When I think I want to..

26. How long can you go without your mobile phone?
Opis hour (9am-6 pm) or (2pm-10pm)

27. Where’s your mobile phone?
In front of me..

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Outstanding Malaysian.

Outstanding Malaysian-list taken from Panasonic Pride which is previously aired at NTV7 .

Tun Mahathir Mohamad
Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra AlHaj
Jemilah Mercy
Dato Jimmy Choo
Datuk Bernand Chandran
Tan Sri P.Ramlee
Sudirman Hj Arshad
Chef Wan
Tan Sri Razali Ismail

And the list continue grow below;just name a few above.
I wonder whether my name will be in the list
What should I contribute to my country
Hehehhe..citer2 tinggi sih

But then abah ask this question...
'Hang dah register mengundi ke belum?'


Bkn Hujan tiap2 ptg turun
Ina..bkn Rain ko..
Tapi kumpulan HUJAN
Thought they are Indonesian
Surprisingly,Malaysian rupenye
At last, ade gak lagu ‘Malaysia’ yg sedap didengar…ooops..
Takla mendayu-dayu sangat..sampai dengar pun agak syahdu
Lirik pun byk gak la perkataan nyer dari lagu “Itu Kamu”…oops lagi..
Maybe coz of their highly appreciated towards music
No need to be under label big2 co.
Very independent by themselves
People promoting them to have a concert at UK
Not them promoting people..oooops..
Hv think about this before
Penyanyi Msia byk-lagi2 kelahiran bintang2 ‘segera’
But then naper lagu seakan-akan sama tapi tidak serupa sumer
Which make us turn to Indonesian band
The reason might be..the singer just sing..people behind it more important..
Yerla..composer-composer ni lagi-lagi Ajai,M.Nasir…tu jer ke ?
Someone had tell me this-saper ye…tak ingat lak
Students yg belajar dlm bidang2 music ni la supposedly change the music scenario
As they know about the music arrangement,etc…
And not to enter the sing competition-to be a singer lak

Ok..get back to work
P/S: fakta diatas bukannye betul sgt…just my thought..


1 n 2 Mac

Should supposedly hang out with my celebrate Fisz n Lina birthday.But, Fisz need to go for work n then the plan was cancelled. N then think to join the boling games and outreach programme. But then, the idea to just stay at home, tidying my closet, relax myself, washes my clothes and complete a few tasks were in my mind. So, I did that. Abah is here and I accompany him to Kema house. Abah routine when he being in KL; to rotate to each of my sis house.


Rush hour 1
Rush hour 2
Rush hour 3

It’s not about the movie.
It’s about my life for this week.
Life start to hectic due to this project.
10 am till 1 am in the office. How was that?
Need to complete it end of this week.
Work during weekend- a big no.
Know that it’s a little impossible-defect still not fixed yet, got a new test script n the process itself take a few minutes to be done.

Ok continue to work.
Enjoy the hectic..


VRC programme was held at the Singgahsana hotel.A special day which chosen by Salam to show their appreciation towards their volunteers. A big hug n million thanks to each of the Salam staff n to the other volunteers friends also :)

Then, hang out reramai to mamak stall. Have our teh ais,maggi goring and murtabak.
Food were marvelous. Show performances.. fantastic. Photographic words for that J And those who donate ‘satu ringgit’ to me..merci beaucoup.

Hang out

16 Fec 08

Hang out with my friends..mazliyana n dilla..ex schoolmates.knew them for almost 12 years.We watched movie together;the dunia baru the movie.and then hv our lunch n chit chat for almost 2 hours at kopitiam.As karaoke is full book, we continue our lepak-ing day with walking along the jalan bukit bintang..from times squares to star hill n to pavilion. Explore the area n enter to the small shops along the road.