Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Orang Asli Electricity Project

ayam-ayam yang sudah ready untuk disembelih cabut bulu ayam dgn menggunakan cara traditional..hahaha

yer aku sumer org leh makan ayam..lalalala..
ni orang lain..bukan aku..

sibok bekerja..

***Adesh..khas untuk ko...

Monday, January 28, 2008

Orang Asli Electricity Project

Prepare all the components needed.

Start work

Finished our task


Preparation for gamesCake delivery

Orang Asli Electricity Project

Date: 25 Jan-27 Jan 08
Venue: Kg Hulu Tamu, Batang Kali,Kuala Kubu Baru,Selangor
Mission: To set up electric wiring to five houses.

25 Jan
430 pm
-Went out earlier from office. While my colleagues joined the flyback, I turned my direction to other place-Salam HQ.
540 pm
- Arrived at Salam.It takes more than one hour because of traffic jam due to heavy rain and I’m mistakenly stop at the Asia Jaya station which it was supposedly Taman Jaya.
600 pm
-Start journey to Kg Hulu Tamu.
900 pm
- Arrived at Kg Hulu Tamu
1000 pm
-Discussion about games to be played with org asli children. It is agreed that the games should not used brain to think. kekkekeke…

26 Jan
1000 am
-Start work. Set up electric wiring after get briefing from Abg Jaafar. My first time doing this job. After prepared of those components needed (not sure what we call those tools), we divide ourselves into a group and choose a house to set up the wiring. One house should have two or three lamp.

-Not all houses in the village had the electric. SALAM paid a contractor to set up the electric wiring in the village.We came just for helping the contractor to set up the electric wiring at few houses and at the same time get exposure of orang asli community.

100 pm
-Finished our task. Lunch.

330 pm
-Trip to waterfall. It took not more than one hour walking destination from a place that abg Jaafar stopped us.

545 pm
- Return back to the village.

630 pm
-Siang ikan n sembelih ayam. My part-cuci-cuci ikan tu jer.

800 pm
-Play games with org asli children-Sarang n burung, air bah, makan kek.
-We all keep laughing n laughing while played all those games especially sarang n burung game. I make a move while should supposedly I need to be static…hahahaha…everyone will always remember that part..


1210 am
-Lepak at Genting. We arrived there at 100 am. It was so cold. After took a few snap, we return back to the village.

230 am
-Arrived n sleep.

27 Jan
900 am
- Trip to the other villages; met org asli there and gave cake per house and candy to the children.

1200 pm
-Gotong Royong
300 pm
-Went to each houses in the village; gave cake per houses/candy to children/necklace to the women there.

400 pm – 600 pm
-Trip to hot spring nearby.
-Return back to home.

Things that will not be forgotten:
-Set up electric wiring.
-*International* joke- Sarang n burung games
-Alang si Paparazzi
-Gaya perah santan Arif. I not see this but I can imagine from what had been told to me.kekkekeke…
-Our journey to Genting. It is hardly to drive coz of the fog.
-Cake delivery from house to house.


Juara Lagu last nite. Terrified with the result. Estranged win? For my friends who know me, they know that I will always condemn this song. Coz the lyrics for me it’s nothing. They keep repeat “itu kamu..itu kamu..itu kamu..”. And then, Nas said…”Memang magic”….Hahhahaha…

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bulan 2
Start swimming class
Pindah masuk umah Imah
ASB loan-wajib kalo tak angka kat buku tu tak bergerak-gerak

Bulan 3
Trip gi Johor-K.Mas kawin.
8am-Kumpul ramai2
11am-Sampai umah k.mas
3/4pm-Agak2 dah habis bersanding kite gerak kuar
4/5pm-Sampai Pagoh-Taman Rempah ratus Nasuha
7pm-Serang umah Faiz
9/10pm-Minum2 kedai mamak kat jeti
-Makan asam pedas johor yg fresh punyer
12pm-Balik umah Faiz.Nanti mak die marah balik lambat.

9/10am-Gi Muar.Makan mee bandung muar.
12 pm- Sagil,air terjun Gunung Ledang
4pm-Lepak2 la area Tangkak tuh
5pm-Balik KL

Bulan 4
Start rock climbing.
Tengah survey-survey nak buat kat maner.

Bulan 6
Backpack Kelantan.Plannyer..

mlm-bertolak ke kelantan..naik bus

06/06-Jumaat-public holiday
Round-round area town

Gi Pulau Perhentian.Sejam jer dari KB.Mari-mari snorkeling ;)

Balik ke KB.Lepak2 kat town.
Mlm-Balik KL.

Kasut n Imah-orait tak?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kl trips-Day 2 like explorace day for me. From one destination to another destination. So our first spot was KL Sentral. I park my car there and we went to KLCC.Have a look at Galeri Petronas; great exhibition art. Next location; Menara KL. My first time also here, looking the KL’s view from the top of the Menara. Enjoying the exhibition food there; we went from one stall to another stall. As we are so hungry at that time; so we keep trying all tester food there.

Next, we went to Masjid India, Petaling Street and Central Market area. At nite, rushing to nasz’s untie house at Cheras and speed our way to Tesco Kajang. I am too tired then and fall asleep just after coming back home. Both of them continued packing their luggage as they will go back to Sabah the next early morning; flight at 7am. So by at 315 am, I wake up and send them to KL Sentral. I reached there at 345; luckily the LCCT bus still there. Huh, nasib baik. So that’s all story. Hope you all enjoy coming down here although the plan not working so well

KL trips-Day 1

My friends,Maza and Nasz came to KL on 21st dec; a day after Hari Raya Haj. However, I not been here since I was in Cambodia. I already make a plan for them; so that I can go to Cambodia without worried about them. However, there are many things happen which make their trip here are not working like what had been planned; I don’t know whether it is a disaster for them or not. So sorry girls..Well, it start from Fizah had an accident and she can’t take them at LCCT. Luckily we have Rizal who took those gurls. Then, Nasz need to call for her aunt who she not met for 7 years and stay with her for two days before they met Fizah. So I met them the day after I coming back from Cambodia. They came to Kajang; and our first destination was Putrajaya. Then from Putrajaya, we went to Sunway Piramid. Met another few friends there. Lepak-lepak at Laksa Shake.Then, we went to Fizah home at Wangsa Maju to take their luggage. So exhausted on this day because we keep lose our way..kekkeke..biasalah tuh..

Cambodia-Day 6

Our last day here. Took a tut-tut and went to Eurasian market.Another place for shopping. But I think Central Market much better than here. Then, get back to our hotel and packing our belongings. Ready to go home. It is a very wonderful experience to being here with those friends. We keep laughing and make a joke. It is a little bit frustration however coz we are not going to Siem Riep; place of Angkor Watt. But nevermind, maybe next time.

Cambodia-Day 5

A day for exploring Pnom Penh. First location was killing field or Chouengek Genocidal Center. This is a tragic place where Pol Pot killed millions of Kampuchean with cruel and pitiless.

Pic 1- read this board.

2-This building put might be millions of skulls here.

3-Pol Pot systematic way; there is about ten graves here in killing field; which each of the graves for specified victims.

Second location-Tuol seng genocide museum.
This building contains three stories with divided into 20 cells. Those cells are used for jailing, interrogating and torturing the prisoners.

Pic 1-Security rules

Pic 2-Each cells contain bed and equipment to torture the prisoners. Picture there show the victim and how the equipment to be used to torture them.

Pic 3- Pol Pot soldier’s take the photos of those victims first and wear them a tag number. If the tag number show number 202, it means that he/she prisoner number 202.

Other locations just around the town such as palace, museum and market.Huhuhu..then we went again to Central Market for our last shopping.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Cambodia-Day 4

It is hard to say goodbye with people here. All of them are very sweat and generous. We know that they are not affordable to buy anything but they try to make everything perfect to us. We are touched by their kindness.

Laihai to them.

We were going to Phnom Penh today. Seven hours journey again. Ride by a very crowded van; about 15 people I think. The driver even took four large cupboards and put it on top of the van. Then, surprisingly, the van stopped at petrol station to wash the van. From what had been informed to me, before vehicles enter to the town; they need to clean their vehicles first.

We stayed at IndoChina2 hotel. After having our lunch at Muslimin restaurant which is near our hotel, we went to Central Market by tut-tut for shopping. Here, people can talk English better. But, if want to get more cheaper, try to talk in their native tongue. Hentam jerla betul ke tidak.

There are many handicapped people there; selling books which cost around 4 to 6 dollar per book. For us, our ‘entrepreneurs’selling tissues; but there-books. Not original books actually, they make a copy of it. That’s why those books cheap. My friend can get as low as 2 dollar for one book. In the afternoon; ride a boat along Mekong river. It is quite happening there and also need to be very careful with our belongings. Alang nyer air kene kidnap ngan bebudak kat situ. Huh..horror...

For our dinner; we ate satay and french bread. Orang Malaysia memang kuat makan.:)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome 2008

Promise to continue Cambodia trip later.

Day 3 in 2008.Never too late to wish you Happy New Year. 2008 will be like previous years, we keep our breath and continue our journey on life. Hoping a year great ahead; more joyness, happiness, excitement and successfulness to each of us.

Alhamdulillah, 2007 left me with such kind of good memories. A year that introduce me to the volunteerism world; have more wonderful and great friends in office and Salam; vocation trip to Taman Negara and Cambodia and company trip to Perth; kl trips with my friends coming from Sabah, have my own car; afford to buy digital camera; make a start on small business and more and more list behind.

For 2008, looking forward to be more success in my career and active lifestyles. I would like to try flying fox at Menara KL, rock climbing so I can go to Krabi which is heaven for rock climbing, swimming class, scuba class so that I can swim with shark (Aquaria KLCC) …hehhehe…more teater and orchestra, try crazy thing like audition for One in a million n amazing race, konvensyen salam budi hopefully will be the successful plan for volunteers, bring mak abah go for vocation and many many more wishes in my list. Huh..tamaknyer…Actually most of them bring forward from previous years. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Cambodia-Day 3

Still here at Praksantai. We wake up early as we want to go shopping at their market. They use riel as their currency which most of us do not have. We only have USD which is used in big town like Phnom Penh. In village like Praksantai, they use riel.I was very excited to see ‘baby sengkuang’ was sold here and decided to bought it and bring it home. Instead of that, just looking around what they sold.

Then, we went to “New Village”. I not remembered the village name in khmer language. We ride a lorry to go there. It’s not so far actually from this village but the route was so snaking. It was known as new village as this is a new area/territory for them to live. Only a few houses there and another a few still under construction. We were invited to see korban there.Then, lunch with them; nasi putih with daging masak kicap. However, as one of my group is Chinese who do not eat meat, she get special treat from them; egg and vegetables. So together we share her food as we also miss to eat egg. Hehehehe… After lunch we get back to Praksantai village as men want to go for Solat Jumaat.

As nothing much to do in the afternoon, me, Elly, Kak Rin and Hakim take a walk around the village. Luckily, there is wedding ceremony in one of the houses there. We just join with the rest of guest there and take picture with the bride and bridegroom. Here we met Nawal. She very fluent in Malay language and we very excited talk to her. We go to her house then and met another brides there.

As usual, dinner at Hakim’s house. Mama, Alang, K.Ani and Ita had cook deliciously nasi lemak for Hakim’s family and a few peoples who had been invited by Abah. All of them never eat nasi lemak before and the aroma of nasi lemak makes everyone hungry including me.

At that night, there are about ten people get married in the village. We were informed to wear a beautiful dress to go to those wedding ceremonies. We end up by going to six houses only because we were too tired too walk more. Those brides seriously beautiful and totally different from what we imagine. They look so famous and glamorous!

Here, girls are married at the early age as 17 years old. The wedding ceremonies for brides were held separately with the bridegroom. Men are going to bridegroom house and women going to brides house. They also have such daise like us but more simple and use a little bit creativity to make it look stunning.

Then, going back home to Sarah house. There are many people there and we joined them lepak-lepak. Have a chat with them. It is very wonderful night because we are keep laughing with them, although we don’t know what they said and pretty sure that they also not understand us. We learn their language and also do them. Faezah quite good in English; she help us translate words in khmer language.

Cambodia-Day 2

Selamat Hari Raya Haji. I feel amazed and eager to know what will happen today. I wake up as early at 530 to pray solat Subuh. Then, queue in front of the bathroom and wait for my turn as Sarah house sharing the bathroom with the other house.

It is very wonderful morning to hear ‘takbir’ raya here; at Praksantai Village. I can see clearly everyone out from their home walk to one destination; to the field which is near Sarah house; to pray together. Each people need to bring mat there; including us. While people were rushing to go there, I was busing with my camera catch a snap here and there. It is good experience to being together with Cham people and pray together. Although we do not understand their language, but that’s not a barrier; as Quran is universal. Only during ‘khutbah’ which is talked in cham language…hehhehe..we translated ourselves what it means.

After pray, we went to Hakim house. Surprisingly, Hakim’s father; Pakcik Tolos was a ‘ketua kampung’ there. He very keeps an eye on us because wherever we go, we realize he also there. Maybe he wants us to be safe and make sure everything is perfect.

We were given kuih-muih; sort like kuih sepit in Malaysia; for our breakfast in the morning of hari raya. That time I was thinking how lucky we are. We eat a lot! We have a table with full of food like lemang, nasi impit,ketupat,rendang,lontong and a few kuih muih. Huh, pagi2 dah dapat kolesterol tinggi. But later, we were served with another food. Ayam salai and kuah kacang which had the sweet taste. Simple food but yet so special and delicious.

About 930 am, the major function begin. I am not sure but I believe there are about 15 cows to be slaughtered. Those cows donate by concerned Malaysian people who willing to make korban here. If I not mistake, the process begin by collecting funds-one part is rm200. The amounts collected were given to the mufti there. So 15 cows had been slaughtered and distributed to each house at the village.

From what have been told to me, people there hardly ever eat fresh meat. Basically they eat once a day; based on what they produce also like rice and vegetables. And go fishing if they want to eat fish. Cows and buffalo to help them working in paddy fields. That’s why we were here; to be together with other Muslim and cheer up their hari raya haj with the korban. Surprisingly, there are not just us here in Cambodia. There a lot of Malaysian; from Yayasan Amal and other people who volunteered themselves to find funding to make korban in Cambodia. Feel proud to be Malaysian when I found out that there are too many good people here.

As usual, men were slaughtered the cows and women cook. We have our lunch at round 1pm. Just simple lunch, nasi putih with daging rebus.

At the evening, Kareema, local people, invited us to go to the next island by boat. The price is about 1500 riel per person. Nothing much we do there. Just walk through and looking around. Here, we were introduced by Faezah; ‘baby sengkuang’. The taste so sweat and it also so cute. I think we all look like a rabbit at that time.

Dinner with Hakim family.This time nasi putih with daging masak kicap. After having our lunch, we chat with Pakcik Tolos. Actually he don’t know English or Bahasa Melayu and we don’t know khmer/cham. Hakim help us by translate those words. He told us about Pol Pot regime and show us his book.

Cambodia-Day 1

OK. This will be a long story to write.

I went to Cambodia on 19 Dec. A day before Hari Raya Haji. I followed Yayasan Salam trip to go there. I don’t know anyone who joins the trip...but never mind...redah jerla. After about 3 hour’s journey, we land to this country safely. Feel excited to explore this country which famous of Pol Pot history but and at the mean time we bear in mind that we need to be very careful with citizen there.

At the airport, my friend, Elly, lost her luggage. Luckily, there is a man who notice Elly luggage had been taken by someone else. Thanks to him, Elly ran towards the person who took her luggage. I was following behind Elly. If Elly just one minute late, maybe she will lost her luggage. Then after a few minutes ‘drama’ between them, Elly got back her luggage and that woman had been arrested by the Imegresen.

We ride by a van to go to the Phnom Penh town; have our dinner and took Faezah, Hakim’s sister and also our lovely Mama. Then, we continue seven hours journey to Kampung Praksantai, Kratie. Kampung Praksantai is a Muslim village. If I not mistake, Muslim are called as Cham there. So the activity throughout the journey-we learn a few words of Khmer language. Saksabay for hello, akun for thank you and a few more which I not remembered.

We arrived to the village late at 1130 pm. Everyone might sleep already because the village was so quiet and dark. We all stay at Sarah house; which is the most beautiful house in the village. Sarah served us with bahulu that she baked by herself and tea. I just fall asleep after drink a cup of tea. Too exhausted with the journey that day.