Monday, December 10, 2007

When you sick: Different of parents and doctor


Tapi bukan nak citer pasal my sickness. Sendiri tanggung la kan..:)

Jumper doctor hari ahad lepas kul 2pm. Dapat MC for Monday.

Dr: Sakit aper?
Me: Demam..selsema..batuk
Dr: Ok.

Then..after sesi cek-mengecek…

Dr: Saya bg MC hari Isnin. Ubat amik kat luar.
Me: Ok.

Then, abah call (kul 4).

Abah: Hang kuar gi maner hari nih.
Me: Tak gi maner pun. Dok umah jer.
Abah: Awat...hang demam ke?
Me: Ishk ..tau2 jer abah nih. A’ah..Demam.
Abah: Dah jumper doctor? Makan ubat tuh. Dah demam baru nak dok umah diam2.
Me: Biasa jer..kalo 5 hari lg tak ok..jumper doktor balik.
Abah: Ooo..makan ubat. Batuk teruk tak?
Me: Tak leh tido nih, dok batuk jer.. (hehhe...ngada2 sikit)
Abah: Ha..tutup kipas.pakai baju tebal2.baru tak batuk.
Me: OK bos..

Then...mak lak call..kul 7pm

Bonda: Hang jangan minum ais. Hang jangan makan bender2 bergoreng. Hang jangan itu jangan ini..Minum air banyak2..makan antibiotik tu..doktor ader bg tak..kalo tak bagi..mintak..pakai ubat balm..letak kat dada,bile rasa panas takder la nak batuk....( n ader la lagi tips2 yg lain..tak ingat dah...)

Me: Ok.

Mlm..abah call lagik kul 10pm..

Abah: Camner? Hang ok dah?
Me: Blum.
Abah: Takper rehat. Esok mc kan
Me: A’ah

Yang terbaru tadi..kul 8 am..

Bonda: Hang keje ke hari nih?
Me: A’ah
Bonda: Ishk..macam maner tuh hang gi keje? Ramai orang kat komuter sesak nafas nanti.
Me: Tak..masuk keje lambat
Bonda: Ha’ah masuk lambat sikit. Susah hang nanti sesak nafas.
Me: Ok dah nih.Batuk jer.
Bonda: Ha..ok.Pakai ubat balm tuh.Ubat jaga.Makan ikut waktu.
Me: Ok.

So, clear bukan different of doctor and parents. Walaupun hanya demam biasa, tapi mak abah still bagi first class nyer layanan kat aku. Macam kanak-kanak lak. Hehehe..Jauh dimata dekat ditelinga…oops..n di hati. Now tell me how will I not miss them after all this? Hhehehe..


Date: 4 Dec
Venue: Time Square

I watched this movie together with my colleagues-Hasnul n Ayu. While our statuses were on the bench, we are ‘free’ all the times. So it is wasted if the time did not manage correctly, therefore, we decide to watched Enchanted. Actually, planning had been made from last week, but since I had another project, the planning keep postponed until the day had come (I mean last Tuesday). However, planning are not as expected also because not many people joined me...coz whether they are on leave that day or had watched enchanted before.

Enchanted…from all feedbacks that I get..all luv this story. Me too..I keep giggling all the times watched this movie. At first, I thought this movie will be like the other fairy tales movie. Well, happily-ever-after concept... about a girl who dreams of her true love, come across to obstacles n then find the real true one at last.. Hmm, Enchanted still use the same concept but in other creative way. The combination of live action and traditional animation make the movie so exciting to watch. Part that I like most- Giselle sing “That How You Know” in the park together with other spontaneously musician.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


KIOKU event was held yesterday at Tasek Titiwangsa. It was sport event for OKU people. A lot of OKU from various organizations take part in this event. I reached there as early at 8am; part of my voluntary work for KIOKU. Just helping with the others when needed. Simple as it is.

As there are nothing much to do, me and my friends take a walk first. I’m never went to Tasik Titiwangsa as early like this before, and being there at that morning make me amazed because there are too many people there. I mean not OKU people. There are groups of Chinese folks do lioness dancing or poco-poco. People jogs, play badminton, has a simple camping near the lake, riding horses and of course ride on eye of Malaysia.

From the events itself, there are few games for visitors, exhibition, bundle selling from civil servant international, clowns and also a few animals which ‘specially’ bring there like parrots, goat and deer. Hehee..I also take pic with those parrots, buy book which is only rm2 and riding horse which is only rm1.50 for one round.

During lunch time, me and the other volunteers guide OKU to be sat in the food hall. Just to make sure that non OKU not being in there, helping OKU with the food and make sure everything is perfect. Well, it’ hard actually to ask their kid/wife/husband/siblings to eat at the other places coz the food provided only for OKU. Instead of that, we also have a chat with those OKU.Feel happy to be there.


A few weeks ago, I went to BP Lab Center at Kajang. It is just near from my home. FYI, BP Diagnostic Centre (BPDC) is the first innovative ‘one stop”non hospital based .Here, BPDC provide medical consultation, examination, treatment, specialist referral, health screening n various health programmed. Among DC series such as general blood screening, tumor marker, other test include lung function test, bone mineral density test, stress test,anti HAV, AIDS AB,etc.

Actually, I didn’t notice that this center exist in our country. Until I get a coupon discount of BPDC. It is a general blood test which consists of 44 types of test. The cost only take rm90 compare to the exactly price; maybe rm100 and above. As I’m also concern with my health, of course I would like to try it.

Those 44 types of test include:
a) Haematology Examination- which shows what types of blood I have and my blood is enough to be donating to the others.
b)Renal function test n liver function test- which is prob
c) Other such as blood glucose, calcium and urine-also considered as normal for me
d) Lipids studies –shows that I have high good cholesterol and high bad cholesterol. So the rate still considered normal for me. But, I still be advised to have more exercise regularly.kekkeke…Walk from commuter Bank Negara to my office. I think that can be considered exercise..
e)Hepatitis B Screening – hmmm..this is interesting one.
Doctor: Your Hepatitis B Screening shows that you are non reactive to HBsAg and also Anti-HBs.
Me: Meaning..?
Doctor: Don’t have antibody for hepatitis B n also not carrier. You not take this vaccine before?
Me: Erm..Only have those injections during my school time.
Doctor: You need to take this vaccine.
Me: What happen if I’m not taking it?
Doctor: Well. Nothing much. If you are married to man who are carrier of Hepatitis B you easily get infected as well. It infected slowly to your kidney and your liver at first. And then it turns to be cancer.
Me: O.k. I take it.

I would like to try other package next time; tumour marker perhaps. It cost about rm500, which make me decide to wait next year. Why? Because I already used all my claim this year lor..