Sunday, May 17, 2009

Brunei..last entry

This would be my final entry about my life in Brunei which should published a few weeks ago.
It's OK to work there for few months but to live there absolutely nope.Quite boring and I'm counting the days to go home everyday.

Office hour-730 am to 630 pm everyday. Terasa macam pergi sekolah lak kul 730 am.

Our home

Team Dinner-Empire Hotel
Hotel mewah nih.Kiri kanan atas bawah sumer emas. The only place at Seria where you can watched cinema. The whole team gathering here for the first time..Well first time with us.

BBQ at Khairiza house
Our only HR contact here. Gathering, chit chat and eat of course.

Nite market at Seria

The night market is just a small market with people selling foods. Only took 10 minutes to round the area. Cheap food-you can found chicken chop for 2 hengget, nasi lemak 2 hengget and ikan baker 5 hengget.

Gegel outing

Me,Shahida n Husna outing. As usual, we always buy something. From kain to pinggan mangkuk till Redondo.hmm..

Million Barrel

This place was only at behind our home.Me and the housemate went there one week before back to KL. This is a place where Brunei found the oil for the first time. Thus, they build the monument at this place to not forget the history.

Shahida and Abid Farewell
This is the place where we usually went on Friday if one of the housemate will go back to MY at the afternoon. It is Thai restaurant offering delicious food with good price. Our favourite- tomyam and chicken green curry.

This time we went there to celebrate Shahida’s farewell.

Farewell dinner-Kaizen

It’s my farewell together with Aizat and Azhari at Kaizen-Japanese restaurant. Then stop at Dairy Queen on the way home to buy the ice cream. Maz belanja Kaizen..Mala belanja Dairy Queen.Thanks gurls!

Farewell dinner at Bucaneer
Another farewell dinner for us organizes by Gladys. Thanks Gladys.