Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin

Ramadhan hampir ke penghujungnya dan Syawal semakin menjelang tiba.
I will miss Ramadhan. This is a special months and I can feel the warm and peace in this months.

To all-Forgive me for all the jokes that I make.For all the xoxo that I did.For all the mistake that I had done.Enjoy your Hari Raya festival with your family and friends.I wish all of us will have a great time for this holiday.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Day 2: Halong Bay trip

Date: 05 July

Venue: Halong Bay tour trip

This is the third services we booked from Hien.Halong Bay day tour trip.Van took us from the hotel. It's raining day and our van is full of tourists from various countries.

1) Thanh Dong Humanity Center
We depart from Hanoi around 08.00. After about 2 hours driving, we stopped at the Humanity Center.It is a place where local people who are the victims of the Vietnam war gathered and worked there.Here, they sewing their products and sell to the tourist. Their handcraft product such as paintings,clothes and handbags.

2) Halong Bay
We arrive here at noon. Halong Bay is one of the World’s Natural Heritage recognized by UNESCO.Hanoi must go places-it features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and islands of various sizes and shapes.

According to the legend,the bay was actually created when an immense dragon plunged to Earth here before recorded history. Its mighty tail carved the great stone seabed violently before the creature flew away to the place where legends are born.

The landscape very beautiful. With the boat ala-ala Pirate of The Caribbean, we enjoyed the ride very much.Food also served in the boat.We just ate fruit and take plain rice eat with my serunding as they serve pork as well in our menu.You can also take two days trip to Halong Bay and sleep in this boat.

We visit the spectacular Heaven Palace cave, crammed with stalagtites and stalagmites. The cave is so wow beautiful. The cave imposed with light colours to show clearly the image that had been build by the stalagtites and stalagmites.Starge image can be seen such as birds, flowers, horse and human life.

Legend has it that a beautiful young lady named May (cloud), caught the eye of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with her. They married and happily live ever after with their 100 children. Scenes such as their wedding ceremony have been seemingly fossilized in the grotto.

3) Tien Son handicraft Village

Mostly similar like Thang Dong Humanity Center but this one more commercial and fully for business purpose.I just bought book tag here.

Van send us back to our hostel.This is indeed funny memories. The van stop in front of our hostel but we didn't notice it.We keep walking till the end of the road trying to find our hostel.Banyak gakla kitorang kutuk van tu sebab tak hantar kitorang betul2 dpn hostel.Well,not long before that,we realised that we actually at in front of the hostel.The van drop us there-it just us who didn't notice it.Hmm...biasalah.Tak sesat memang tak sah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Natrah or Maria Hertogh was born on 24 Mac 1937 at Bandung. During World War 2, her father had been arrested by Japan. Mrs. Hertogh send the baby to Aminah bt Mohamed ; best friend of Nor Louise who is Mrs. Hertough mom. The action taken is to save the baby life; as Japanese did not like English people. Mrs. Hertough then back to Netherland.While for Aminah and Natrah, from Bandung they went to Kemamam, Terengganu. Aminah said it is a need at that time because the war getting worse and it is for the baby safety that she ran from Bandung to Kemamam.

After World War 2 end, Mr. Hertough back to Netherland and reunited with him family. They start searched for Natrah at that time.Both Aminah and Natrah had been traced at the kampong they live in. Aminah had been trapped by the Hertough tricks to bring the child to Singapore.

The High Court stated that the custody of Maria be entitled to the Hertoghs.
As Aminah and Maria exited the court via the backdoor, a car from the Consulate was waiting to take Maria away. Maria refused to enter the car and clung on to Aminah, both shouting in Malay that they would kill themselves rather than be separated.
Aminah then make a plead with her lawyer Prof. Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim. They won.

Aminah afraid that it will be further attempt by Hertough so she decided a marriage between Natrah and Mansor Adabi. Natrah is 13 and Mansor 22 at that time. However, they are not living together. Mansor said they will be living together when Natrah at the age of 21.

Aminah did not discuss about the marriage with her lawyer. This is not a right move as a day after the marriage, a lawyer delivered letter for them to return Natrah.

The hearing began 4 months later. Hertough won. The marriage was invalid because Natrah is 13 years old and Dutch law stated that minimum age is 16. If the marriage is held in Malaya or Natrah was pregnant,probably the wedding can be saved. But as the marriage took place in Singapore which practice the Common Law; it is definitely failed to save the wedding.

When policewomen came to take Natrah away, she wept and clung to Aminah and Mansoor. Aminah fainted on the spot and a doctor standing by had to attend to her. Mansoor promised that he would carry on the legal fight. Thus Natrah allowed herself to be brought away into a car. The car delivered Natrah to the Roman Catholik Convent. Newspapers keep published the picture of Natrah surrounded with symbols of Christian faith. The Muslim feel offended with pictures and jihad as a final resort. This is a start moment of the riot.

The power of media.Coz of not sensitive to the people religion and cultures, the riot happened and many people died.End of the riot, 18 people were killed, among whom were seven Europeans or Eurasians, nine rioters shot by the police or military, 173 were injured, many of them seriously, 119 vehicles were damaged, and at least two buildings were set on fire.5 people were suspected to be the mastermind of the riots and sentenced to death.Tunku Abdul rahman saved them.The death sentenced change to life imprisonment.

Natrah was bring back to Netherland.Policewoman escorted her everyday even when she want to go school.

Natrah husband still keep trying to get back Natrah. He wrote a letter to her until one day he received the letter from Natrah saying that she changed her religion. Mansor upset and married another woman.

Natrah then married with her best friend. Together they got 10 children.Dutch documentary “The time just stool still’ had make discovery about Natrah life. Include in this documentary was Natrah ex husband ;Mansoor who are lawyer and teacher living happily with his wife. Natrah so pissed off with the news. She made a plan to kill her husband. Her children heard about this and inform the police. Natrah was arrested later.

Natrah then married with another man who she met at the restaurant. Natrah life is not easy since she was taking to the Netherland. She was forced to forget her religion, her mother and her husband. She was under control by a police for a few years. Riot at Singapore who killed many people also make Natrah trauma. She married but live with a hard life.

She died at the age of 72 of leukemia.