Saturday, October 30, 2010

Death Penalty

I had visited Napier prison yesterday. New knowledge that I got-NZ had removed death penalty and the last execution was 1957.

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Eager to know more on the subject,so I gugel.

Two-thirds of all countries in the world (139 countries) have abolished the death penalty.Europe now is a free zone of death penalty.One-third of all countries (58 countries) still retain the death penalty. US,Middle East and Asia basically are those countries.The highest execution (2008)- China followed by Iran, Saudi Arabia,Pakistan and US (sources)

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Saudi Arabia,Iran and Yemen are the only countries that perform death penalty to the youngsters.The boys/girls may be put at the jail first for few years until they reach 18.And by that age they may be executed to death. What dissapointed me here-girls who had been raped also will be executed to death..huh..

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