Saturday, September 27, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Date: 27 Sept 08

Aku skrg kat rumah..dan akan pulang ke kampung esok pagi.Bahagianye balik kampung..;)
Pagi tadi pergi Jalan TAR dgn Karem.Shopping tudung raya.Pergi kul 9am balik kul 12.Orang sgt ramai sampai sesak tempat tuh.Biasala..last minute shopping.

Yesterday-Friday went to mid valley from the office.The others alr there-execute the mission of shopping baju raya for Rumah Solehah.Then berbuka puasa at Little Vietnam.The food consider OK for me but mine not too tasty.I'm not finished it at all. Believe me..I always finished up my food.heh..
After a few session of explorace—finding a surau all that..lepak sebentar at Big Apple and then continue back the shopping session.That task still not end yet but me and Karem have other task-wached Mama Mia.

Believe me..Mama Mia was so damn best.I do not know that it is the musical story and when the mama started to sing-I just knew that I would like that movie.It’s a long time since the last time I think the movie that I watched is worth it to watch.Last time maybe The Enchanted.The rest…tgk CD pun ok..heh..

SO lastly from me-till I'm coming back..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf Zahir Dan Batin.

Have a safe journey.Minta maaf pd parents,adikberadik dan kekawan.Makan banyak-banyak.Main mercun dan bunga api.Pakai baju cantik-cantik.Have a meriah day di pagi raya.

Berbuka Puasa

Venue: Hotel Salam

Makan-makan di Salam.Chefnya Cekgu Fakri.Pembantunya ramai-termasuk aku.heh..tolong makan..Banyak sgt makanan sb ramai yg membeli bahan-bahan extra.Round1 makan buah-buahan dan kuih muih.Round 2 makan nasi dan lauk pauk yang dimasak oleh cekgu.Round 3 makan sosej.Round ke 4 makan roti jala yg Karem masak dan kuih talam yg Fizah masak.Nak makan lagi tp serius tak larat dah.Maka,tanpa segan silu menapau laksa yg Alang masak.Maka jadilah round ke 5-makan laksa.Sedap..nasib baik tapau banyak.Sebab Karem pun sibuk mengeshare sekali.heh...

Venue:Pdg Bdr Tun Razak

Berbuka Puasa dgn adik-adik di padang Bdr Tun Razak.Berdekatan dengan Rumah Solehah.
Agenda utama of coursela berbuka puasa bersama-sama-tp ader gak aktiviti lain mcm mewarna dan dengar org bercerita.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Berbuka Puasa-KLCC


Hahahah..I'm update this entry from the office.Today not much work can do since the portal is down-and I'm mostly done with the scripting instead of few things which still waiting for the documentation, clarification bla bla.

Buka puasa with geng Salam at KLCC. It is a long time since the last day that I met all of them-during candat activity I guess.So there are about 20 peoples join the buka puasa-which a few of them I never met before.Well,as this is Salam's geng, pretty sure that all of us can get long together well. Yup,that evening full of stories,gossipps and laughters.

After Isyak prayer, we continue our lepaking at Mamak Stall near the KLCC. The original plan might be watched the Mama Mia movie.But since Sarah got the rumours news about the movie-the movie not started yet ya in here--and the other movies seems boring and stupid--eg:luve guru n zohan--pls don't watch this two--but yet every body still want to hang around--so the next place just mamak stall nearby KLCC.

**Pics above-courtesy to Sam.
**More pics-tgk Ina nyer blog.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Date:15 August 08

Lepaking at Genting with my best buddies-Fisz,Sal,Lina and Zatil.Together with them just bring my mind back to our old memories-Room 330.Our one day vocation which is full of laughter.

The trip starts with Sal sending a message to Fisz telling how bored is she and she really wanted to meet us. Sal lives at Johor and I also not sure when the last time I met her. Then, agreed we need to spend some quality time together. While each of us do not know where to go, we come out with a few interesting plan. The result-Genting as I already book a room -88.80 at First World Hotel for a night. Lina doesn’t believe at all that I can get such a price at Genting-until I showed her the itenary booking. Well Lina, that’s the advantage of Internet booking.

So all of us met at KL Sentral and then took a bus straight to Genting.
It’s not our day I guess-as outdoor games need to be closed coz of the bad weather. Just three or four games that we had tried before we were instruct to leave the outdoor games area. So the next alternatives-indoor games- which I called as ‘ramah mesra games’.

Our breakfast at Marrybrown with the price is OK. But, our lunch at Curry House which is soo expensive.Iskh..our fault- we just came straight to the restaurant without looking at the price label first. Below is my lunch pics;the price is totally insane-rm20 hinggit. Maka sambil menikmati juadah, berbakul-bakul 'pujian' diberikan kepada kedai ini.

10 august
Broke coz of that Curry House. So, this is our breakfast-Mee Manggi Cepat Dimasak Sedap Dimakan.

Next indoor games-rock climbing-with the ticket price only rm4. I’m not able to reach till at the peak-but really glad that at last I tried this games.And I really want register myself at the beginner class-Sunway. So later when I go to Krabi, I can try the rock climbing there as professional person. Heheheh..

There’s a shop which sell many kinds of pickles. I am not buying anything but I tried everything. A place which you should go- go go eat the tester!!

Then finally we reached at KL back. Me and Sal sleep that night at Fisz house.

We went to Cineleisure and watched late nite movie-Wall E. Fisz sleep from begin till end the stories-and Sal sleep only after half way of that movie. Me..I think my eyes open but my mind…Conclusion-boring to me.
**The end.