Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Apprentice

I always luv to watch the apprentice. And now I have watched the season 6 of The Apprentice. Thanks to my colleague who download the series.
The new apprentice is a female. Stefani…Go girls power! I like Heidi, Kristen and Steffani also. Each of them had the potential..but of course, Stefani is the best. I think she was the only apprentice winner who never been a project manager along the job interview. Well, can’t blame her also because in this new season; if the project managers win, he/she will be remaining as a project manager until he/she loose. And James kept winning since he being a project manager. But in term of positive side, people still can see Stefani capabilities and she’s so shining although she is not project manager.
From apprentice 1-6, I notice that those apprentice which had been hired by Trump have a common. They work with their brain. They are not type of person who will blame other person if they lose. They are silent beginning on the show but kept progressing to move forward.
I believe that in term of quality leadership, you are not need to be very “busy” to show other people that you do your job. You are not need to speak “loudly” every time you do your task. You not need to move around and give instructions all around. Leaders think a lot and were practical and flexible all the time. Although in certain circumstances, they might not be the leader, but we still can see they shine.


Today is a public holiday… Hari Pertabalan Agong..But hooray for me coz I need to go for a work. And a little bit frustation, when my team lead announce that we don’t have our testing today..:(

From all former Agong, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin will be the youngest Agong in Malaysia. I believe he will bring something new.

And I am right.

From today The Star, “King to make changes at the palace”, stated that

“The move has begun with a revamp of the palace administration itself, with almost 80% of the senior officials having been replaced with those handpicked by the new King.”

There would be no more late nights for those who attended events graced by Tuanku Mizan. Such functions must start by 8.30pm and end by 10.30pm.
The Tuanku wants to be fair to the people, and also to government officials who have to carry out their duties. The monarch has given orders to the more than 200 palace officials to be more efficient and “people-friendly.” “Tuanku has asked me to implement a special manpower training programme for them, and also to upgrade certain posts….As for those who cannot perform up to our expectations, they will have to leave”.

Weird why I highlight those words? YM me...I give you the answer.

Child sexual abuse

Wow...serius topic is it? Child sexual abuse…Do u know how much statistics of child sexual abuse in Malaysia? It is between 20%-40%..not so high in term of percentage but it should be no percentage at all!

It is so poor with those kids who face this kind of abuse. Berat mata memandang berat lagi bahu dipikul. How about their future? How they can be happy? How can they get their dignity back?

And our most hot topic is regarding Nurul Huda. Who can forget about this young girl who had been raped and then murdered..Thanks to Adibah Noor which dedicated the song “Terlalu istimewa” to this poor girl..Read the really has a deep meaning.

And now we all are worried about Mohd Nazrin who had been lost from Sogo two weeks ago. Speaking of Mohd Nazrin, some of us will think that he should be ok..he is a boy..nothing happen to him..Well.. Child sexual abuse can be happen to any kids, girl or boys-no doubt about it. Hopefully, he can be found safely.

Back to the topic..last week I had attended a seminar regarding Protect and Save The Children. Of course.. a seminar..u and talk..and I also want to fall asleep as well.. But, I believe I gain something from the seminar.

Before this, I never realize that our children are open to the sexual abuse. In our norm, especially Malay society..we are not open to talk about sex to kids..parents never discuss about it with their kids..But, if you think clearly..we are not ashamed to speak using bad words..therefore why need to be ashamed to talk about fact. Here, I agreed 100% if sexual education is include in primary school co-curriculum education. Let’s them get a better view of it through formal education – a truth about it- what can be done and what not –rather than they watch it from movie, internet, dvd, etc. They will have a misconception about it.

And why do I say that sexual education is important? It is for them - they will understand what it is look alike. They will know that there are no one can touch their private part. Nobody!! I think that it is so poor that these kids had been sexual abuse just because at first, they don’t know anything about it. They even don’t realize that they had been raped actually. What they know is that they feel pain and they don’t like it. Terrible isn’it?

When talk about sexual abuse education..we are not just inform them about sexual thing. We discuss about the offenders too. Many kids when we ask how they think what offender look alike. Their answers will something like..”Pak cik yang muka garang, selekeh, badan besar”..haha..looks scary la..Well, actually nope. The offenders can come from people all around you..The more sweet they are, the more chance he/she can “get” you.

In our society also, basically we hear.. when parents want to go out and leave their children at home, they will leave a note saying that , “If Pakcik Ali datang, bagi dia ni..If ader org datang nak hantar barang, amik jer. Or nanti ader orang datang nak amik barang, mak dah tinggalkan kat atas peti sejuk, bagi kat die.” Don’t you realize that this thing can be the first steps to bad things happened (small thing lead a major thing happen). In oversea, there are laws regarding children protection. If there are no parents at home, that person although had been give permission by children to enter at their home, they still can’t do so. They can be sued - if at that time they enter to that house, anything happen to those kids. Malaysia supposedly follows these laws. And parents also, from now stop leaving that message to their children.

Well..that’s from me now. Hope there will be no “Nurul Huda” victim again in our society.


I learn mandarin language during my university time..the word that I most remembered..

Ni hao ma?
Wo hen hao.
Ni ne?
Wo ye hen hao.
NI qu nali?
Wo yao qu cesuo..

I remembered those word the most coz i always use those sentences in my daily life..well, here is a tips if u talk to chinese friends..u can use sentences above..
However..if they ask u more than that..u just answer..”I’m not good in mandarin”..and they will said that it’s ok..and waa..u know how to speak mandarin..then…u can proud for a few minutes..

Haha..from 4 semester I only remember those 6 lines…the other lines..duibuqi..wo bu qi tao..very clever yer..;)

Then.. I also have French language..the word that I most remember..

Comment to t’appelle?
Je m’appelle..
Merci beaucoup..

And this one is my favourite.. “je nais se par”

If my lecturer ask me regarding French..deep in my heart will say “je nais se par”..( which means…”Pleas don’t ask me..i don’t know anything..fullstop please”)

Only those 3 word that I remember from my 3 semester learning terrible I am..

Well..deeply in my heart..( nasib baik mak abah cakap melayu dr aku baby lagi..well 24 years learning bahasa melayu..)..kalo tak..well..u know..

Is it bad day? Hmm…

Last Friday, was a public holiday I’m not working. I plan to go to petaling jaya in the afternoon to meet Mr. Simon. Before I’m going out…I have instinct to bring my umbrella..but I refuse to coz..malulah nak pegang payung is huge one like makcik2 selalu pegang..then, from putra tmn jaya I take cap..i give him address but he can’t find the location.

Me: pakcik address die pjs/ pjs/8
Pakcik:yerlah..kite cari pelan2…
Me: (pelan2..gile aper?byklah tambang)..kalo tak tahu tanyer je la pakcik
Pakcik:takper la..adik call tempat tu
Me:ala..pakcik kredit sy 0.38 jer..tak cukup la
Pakcik:aper no..?meh pakcik call..
Me:(tak nak menyusahkan org)..tak per pakcik..takyah call..tu org sy turun Tanya..
Pakcik: ha..ok
Me: (balik dr Tanya org..sambil pandag meter teksi)..pakcik diorg ckp diorg tak boleh try kat belakang stesen minyak nak ikut logic kan supposedly area sini la kan..this is pjs/8 I nak gi pjs/9 la
Me: tak der kredit
Pakcik:takper..pakcik call 12345678
Pakcik:(ckp2 dlm telepon)..adik die kata ni jalan tandang..salah address dah ni..
Me: Allah pakcik..minta maaf..tu nombor nak pergi tempat tu kejap lg…sorry2..
Pakcik: (maybe la ni dlm hati die-hampeh betul budak ni) no.empat tu
Me:87654321..kali ni betul pakcik
Pakcik: (ckp telepon)..then after a few minutes..”adik..awak salah address..bukan pjs/9..pjs/6 la..patut la tak jumper..
Me: o ye ke..(nak cover malu): website diorg la ni..letak address salah ..(which is actually I don’t know whether its me or the internet yg salah..)
Pakcik: takper2…

Bile dah sampai…meter show 7.10..
Me: Pakcik kire sekalila credit tadi tu…(byk tu siap tersalah call lagi)
Pakcik..oklah..rm8 jer…
Me: (baiknyer pakcik ni..aku inagtkan rm10)..tq nyer pakcik..sorry byk2..
Pakcik: takper2..tu opis die..jgn salah masuk lak..(waa…dlm mesejnyer tu)
Me: hehe..ok

Then after half an hour I having discuss with mr.simon.. it’s time to go home..need to find another I just walk to the street and take a cap..

Me : Pakcik..boleh pergi ke putra tmn jaya?
Pakcik: ok..boleh..
Then..after 5 minutes...
Pakcik:lalu jalan bawah kan?
Me: Ha! Mana saya tahu pakcik..pakcik tak tau ke?
Pakcik: tak tahu..pakcik bukan dari sini..pakcik dr subang jaya..
Me: ke..(Wa..not again!!)
Pakcik..pakcik raser jalan bawah ni la..
Me: Hmm…(Wa…habis duit aku jalan2 hari ni)
Pakcik: okla..betul
Me: alhamdulilah... putra tmn jaya , i wait for my friend ..we want to go to other places also. We take cap to go there..nothing happen this time..when go home we take bus..

Me:nak gi kl sentral pakcik..
Driver bus: boleh.. naikla
Me :berapa ringgit nak ke kl sentral?
Konduktor tiket bus: maner ader nak ke kl sentral..
Me: driver kata naik tadi
Konduktor tiket bus : die sume org die kata naik..
Me: la..hbs tak gi kl sentarl la ni?
K.b.t : pergi..
Me: tadi kata tak?
Kbt : sekarang pergi tmn medan dulu..lama nak pusing tu dik..
Me : o ye ke..habis tu camner
Kbt: Turun la kat depan tu nanti..
Me: Turun..then?
Kbt : lintas jalan amik bus ke kl
Me: ok..sekarang nak pay berape?
Kbt : tak payahla..
Me : tak yah bayar ke?
Kbt : naper..nak bayar ke?
Me : o free la ni..
Kbt : haa…
Me : ok..tq

So bile dah sampai depan sikit…kitorg pun Turín..then suddenly hujan Turí tak sempat nak lintas jalan lagi..and suddenly i rememebr my payung makcik..(waa… what a day..)

For’s very tired today..but it’s not really bad day coz I enjoy this day also..i am clumsy person so I take this day as my another episode of laugh…furthermore..laughter is a best medicine rite? Me n my friend keep laughing all the day..hahah..well..bad thing actually not bad..u can make it as a humor if you want is you who decide what do you want it to be..whether you want it to be Ur bad day or …? Well..give me a word please..:)

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